Our pre-school offers facilites that enable our little ones develop spatial & fluid intelligence.

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Primary School

For many of us, our very first experience of learning began in our favorite class in junior school.

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Advanced Studies

We offer extracurricular classes which gives our students an edge in the ever competitive global environment.

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Our Proprietress

Dear Parents, Guardians and Visitors to our school. A very warm welcome to Justine-Thomas kindergarten Primary school.

We appreciate our esteemed and amiable parents for their support. We recognize that parents play important roles in the education of their children and as such, we always welcome your co-operation in making your child's time at Justine-Thomas school enjoyable.

At Justine-Thomas we have high expectations for our children and set challenging targets for them. Every child is encouraged to reach his full potential and we recognize that every child is special and has his own contributions to make.

We have an aspiration for all our children that through their school journey they will fulfill their academic potentials and become successful lifelong learners. In addition, our children will possess high levels of both social and emotional intelligence as well as becoming active and productive members of the society.
The best way for you to appreciate what we can offer your child is to experience our school first hand. I do hope you will visit us to meet our children and staff and to experience life at our unique school.

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